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Water Network LoRa IoT Solutions

LMU has awarded ANIAN on delivering and implementing IoT solutions on the nation's water network, with the help of LoRa technology. This system enables the client to see near real-time data on the status of the water reservoir. Furthermore, ANIAN also deployed numerous devices to see the water pressure of various key pipe networks. The devices are all cost-effective to operate and maintain when compared to other products with similar features. The solution also allows authorities to view the status of the concerned reservoir and the condition of the water supply along with the pipe network through their mobile phones, this helps to mitigate problems earlier on which reduce the downtime for people facing water shortages

Diagram of Water Network Monitoring Process

There is a new contract awarded for expansion of water network monitoring through Brunei Muara with the following use cases: water reservoir level monitoring, water pressure in pipes, flow metering with the objective to have an early alert of water disruption with the deployment of a cost-effective solution using the wireless battery-powered device.

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