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AIoT Camera

Eyes on Safety, Security, and Peace of Mind

Video surveillance employs cameras to observe and document activities within designated areas. It is crucial for enhancing security, deterring crime, ensuring public safety, and providing valuable evidence in investigations, making it an indispensable tool for both personal and commercial applications.

Road Traffic Management

The Road Traffic Management Camera uses advanced technology to monitor road users and analyze real-time data. It helps improve traffic flow, reduce accidents, and respond to emergencies, making traffic safer and more efficient.


  • Speed Detection

  • Traffic Violation Detection

  • Traffic Flow Statistics

  • Smart Search

  • Plate Data Management

Road Traffic Management

The system employs ultrasonic sensors to detect parking space occupancy. The data is transmitted to the parking management helping users find available parking spaces promptly.

Indoor Parking:

Offering comprehensive solutions for both indoor and outdoor parking management.

Parking Management

  1. Highly accurate occupancy detection, managing up to 100 parking spaces simultaneously.

  2. Utilises LPR to manage up to 4 parking spaces at once.

Outdoor Parking:

Parking Management

Entrance & Exit Management

This solution integrates video surveillance, AI, ANPR, and other advanced technologies to enable intelligent monitoring of traffic behaviour. Widely applicable in security gate systems, it greatly improves management efficiency and ensures intelligent, safe, and smooth traffic operations.


  • Black/White List and No-plate Vehicle Detection

  • LPR Smart Search

  • Intelligent AI-powered LPR Algorithm

entrance and exit.png
Entrance and Exit

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