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Smart buildings use IoT devices to monitor various building characteristics, analyze the data, and generate insights around usage patterns and trends that can be used to optimize the building’s environment and operations

ANIAN is providing low cost but efficient IoT solutions to monitor buildings assets and environment allowing workers and end users to enjoy a safe environment and building owners to leverage on Anian solutions to ensure energy efficiency, and assets security. Our use cases include energy consumption, lighting, cooling, indoor air quality, room occupancy, smoke detection, water leakage, ventilation monitoring, toilet environment, assets and people security, building structural health, retrofit of existing building management systems, etc...


Environment & Hygiene Monitoring

  • Air Quality monitoring

  • Water quality monitoring

  • Toilets cleanliness monitoring

  • Gel dispenser monitoring

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Protecting Assets, policy enforcement control

  • Doors opening

  • Presence detection

  • Assets and people location

  • Social distancing monitoring

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Building monitoring and disaster prevention

  • Airco filter monitoring

  • Generators monitoring

  • Pumps monitoring

  • Water leaks detection

  • Diesel tank level

  • Water reservoir level

  • Smoke detection

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