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Smart Building

Explore ANIAN's Smart Building innovations. Our extensive IoT experience transforms building management. We offer solutions that integrate with various building systems, providing near real-time insights to enhance energy efficiency, security, and occupant comfort, all while reducing operational costs for a smarter, more sustainable future.

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Anian is providing low cost but efficient IoT Solutions to monitor building assets and environment allowing workers and end users to enjoy safe environment and building owners to leverage on Anian solution to ensure energy efficiency and assets security.

Environment & Hygiene Monitoring

Safe environment and hygiene plays a cricial part for comfort and better quality of life. Anian IoT Solution helps sense and monitor parameters such as air quality, water quality, toilet cleanliness and gel dispenser for better health and environment for public health and environment for public and helps improve waste management.

Building Monitoring & Disaster Mitigation

Equipment malfunctions leading to disaster are more likely to happen without proper monitoring systems. With  Anian low cost Building Management System using IoT, issues can be detected at early stage. Anian IoT solutions help in building risk management and emergency responses.

Energy Consumption & Space Optimisation

Unnecessary and unmonitored energy consumption and cluttered areas leads to high cost. With Anian IoT solution such as power and water monitoring, HVAC systems, office space optimisation, helps in better resource and space management to optimise efficiency and productivity.

Our Solutions are Low Power, Low Cost, High Efficient and Customised to Our Customer Needs.


  • Air Quality Monitoring

  • Water Quality Monitoring

  • Toilets Cleanliness Monitoring

  • Gel Dispenser Monitoring


  • Doors Opening

  • Presence Detection

  • Assets and People Location

  • Social Distancing Monitoring

  • Airco filter monitoring

  • Generators monitoring

  • Pumps monitoring

  • Water leaks detection

  • Diesel tank level

  • Water reservoir level

  • Smoke detection


Keep control of buildings with a simple BMS bridging IoT devices and traditional equipment monitoring.


Dashboard sample for Smart Building. Website version and Mobile Application Version.

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