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Smart Agriculture & Environment

ANIAN is your partner in Smart Agriculture & Environment. We leverage IoT for near real-time monitoring, boosting agricultural productivity through precision farming, environmental insights, and farm operations tracking. Our solutions assist in optimizing crop yields, conserving resources, and promoting responsible land management for a more sustainable and productive future.

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Anian Smart Agriculture solutions address the challenges of agriculture whereby crops monitoring, farming systems livestock management and fish farming can be enhanced by IoT monitoring to reduce operational costs and increase production.

Crop Management

Farm Management

Smart Aquaculture

Crop growth and production is mainly affected by soil sondition and climate. With Anian Smart Agriculture solutions monitoring parameters such as soil moisture temperature, irrigation, water quality, wather stations, crops can be monitored to ensure risks mitigation and best environment to help in crop yield production and quality.

Smart Agriculture for farm management is important to ensure proper farm operations and production safety. Anian offers Smart agriculture solutions to monitor farm qeuipment and parameters such as soil level, live stock tracking, generators, pumps water distribution, security. This helps in farm efficient operations, traceability and issues detections at an early stage.

The use of smart solutions for aquaculture is essential to increase fish or shrimps production. Using Anian Smart Aquaculture solutions such as water quality monitoring for ponds help detect issue at early stage, keep an optimal environment to increase fish production and decrease operational costs by controlling ponds aeration based on water Dissolved Oxygen level (DO).

Our Solutions are Low Power, Low Cost, High Efficient and Customised to Our Customer Needs.


Farmers can accurately record rainfall and other weather conditions, set flood risk alarms and other alerts in changes of water quality or overuse of phytosanitary products.


Farmers can now schedule and apply the right amount of water to crops, reducing waste and costs


Farmers can monitor soil quality from surface to roots, compare areas, modulate fertilizing, analyze historical patterns and better manage crops long-term


Farmers can now oversee storage conditions, receive alerts on gates and equipment and better track and quality control the entire supply chain


Dashboard sample for Smart Agriculture. Website version and Mobile Application Version.

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