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Smart farming minimized or site-specific application of inputs, such as fertilizers and pesticides, in precision agriculture systems will mitigate leaching problems as well as the emission of greenhouse gases

ANIAN has put Smart Agriculture & Environment monitoring as one of its development pillar from its inception. We have developed various solutions for agriculture, aquaculture, river monitoring and disaster prevention. Our use cases and projects include soil and crop monitoring, weather station, air quality, water quality for aquaculture, greenhouse monitoring, supply chain monitoring, increase crop production, etc.

Environment Monitoring

Farmers can accurately record rainfall and other weather conditions, set flood risk alarms and other alerts in changes of water quality or overuse of phytosanitary products

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Soil Health

Farmers can monitor soil quality from surface to roots, compare areas, modulate fertilizing, analyze historical patterns and better manage crops long-term

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Irrigation Control

Farmers can now schedule and apply the right amount of water to crops, reducing waste and costs

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Farm Asset Management

Farmers can now oversee storage conditions, receive alerts on gates and equipment and better track and quality control the entire supply chain

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