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Smart Health

At ANIAN, we're at the forefront of Smart Health. Our IoT-driven solutions empower healthcare providers to deliver better care with near real-time data. We offer remote patient monitoring, timely health data analysis, and integrated systems for nurse call buttons, asset geo-location, and monitoring of medical fridge temperature and power. These innovations enhance healthcare delivery, improve patient outcomes, and drive the future of healthcare with efficient and cost-effective solutions.

ANIAN is providing low cost but efficient IoT solutions to monitor the health buildings assets and environment as well as the patients in the vicinity. Which allows workers to access a safe environment and ensure efficiency. 

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Our Solutions are Low Power, Low Cost, High Efficient and Customised to Our Customer Needs.


  • Body Temperature Monitoring

  • Heart Rate Monitoring

  • Respiratory Rate Monitoring

  • Emergency Panic Button

  • Nurse Call Button


  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor

  • Power Outlet

  • Water Leaks Detetction

  • Toilet Monitoring

  • Air Quality Monitoring

  • Cold Room Storage Monitoring

  • Medical Refrigeration Monitoring


Dashboard sample for Smart Health. Website version and Mobile Application Version.

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