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Security Cameras

Tracking & Smart Security

At ANIAN, we go beyond traditional boundaries. Our IoT expertise extends to Tracking and Security, offering near real-time solutions for enhanced safety. We provide asset tracking, personnel location services, and security monitoring, ensuring that your assets and people are safeguarded efficiently and cost-effectively. Explore the future of tracking and security with ANIAN.

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Anian provides cost-efficient IoT solutions that address the challenges of people and asset management and security whereby monitoring of animals, vehicles, objects and persons can be enhanced by seamless indoor and outdoor positioning offering better visibility for safer and more efficient business operations.

Asset Tracking & Management

People Safety & Security


Proper asset tracking and management helps secure and monitor companies properties. With Anian IoT Solutions such as equipment inventory management, real-time equipment location and usage rate, equipment life cycle monitoring, warehouse management, freight logistics optimisation and asset management, seamless good tracking, supply chain management, helps in being cost-efficient, make better resource allocation and decision making.

Both public  and workers may be exposed to hazard especially in unmonitored environment. With Anian IoT Solutions such as SOS emergency and alerts for nurses and patients in hospitals, constractor monitoring at industrial sites, safe and hazardous zone detection, theft prevention, helps in improving workforce and public safety, operation efficiency and better productivity.

When tracker is inside or outside of the geofence range, it will send notifications to business applications. These tracker positions can be based on WiFi, GPS or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Using Anian IoT Solutions helps in determining geographic areas and boundaries for better asset and workforce monitoring, and early alerts to detect issue at early stages.

Our Solutions are Low Power, Low Cost, High Efficient and Customised to Our Customer Needs.

ANIAN is providing IoT solutions to businesses as well as home-owners to provide a safe space for customer in case of any undesired event(s), protect facilities, increase efficiency and reduce operational costs.


Our use cases include: security patrol management, perimeter access control, presence, door opening alert, explosive and hazardous gas detection, etc...

Security Alarm
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Asset tracking has been made easy with the use of technology by providing businesses safer, more efficient & reliable operation journey. Therefore, ANIAN is here to assist in making asset tracking & geolocation stand at the forefront of digital transformation and a global ICT strategy of adopting IoT for a better tomorrow. 

Monitoring field workers here is keeping track of employees who operate away from the office environment. Which helps ensure they do their tasks efficiently and follow schedules. 


Monitoring boosts productivity, improves customer service, and helps businesses respond quickly to changes, ensuring workers perform well and customers are satisfied

Professional Cleaning Worker


  • Security patrol management

  • Perimeter access control

  • Fraud detection

  • Asset tracking & security

  • Door opening/presence alert


  • Locate whereabouts of a person or object

  • Tracking movement over a period of time

  • Tracing past movements or previous locations


  • Explosive & hazardous gas

  • Fire detection

  • Leakage and flood detection


  • Monitoring of Staff activities, such as arrival and departure, particularly in remote locations.

  • Report facility issues or assess service quality.

Potential Application of the Solutions


Dashboard sample for Smart Security & Emergency. Website version and Mobile Application Version.

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