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Water Disruption Time Caused By Pipe Leakage Proven To Be Reduced Significantly

The water leakage detection project was awarded to ANIAN by the Department of Water Services which has been completed in the late 2021. Our solution partner for the project, FAST GmbH offered LoRa sensors with the deployment of cost effective solution using wireless battery powered device. The introduction of new advancement of Smart technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) into the water system shall help to ease monitoring remotely and reducing potential issues arising from the public complaints. IoT allows the sensors to collect data and send over the communication networks to application in the cloud which can analyses and report the situation happening in near real time. The data and report can be used to monitor pipelines prevention of leakage to facilitate early warning to the department to act immediately and response accordingly.

" Aim to reduce unaccounted for water (UFW) by 30%"

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