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Smart Water & Utilities

IoT solutions that  use  connected sensors for electric and water companies to aid efficiency and usability. Remote meter reading and early fault detection improve the customer experience while reducing operational cost.

ANIAN is providing IoT solutions to local utilities, leveraging on its sensors and applications to monitor water, waste water networks and electrical network. Our use cases include: Pipe pressure, Leaks detection, Pumps, motors and transformers working status, hazardous gas detection, water tanks monitoring, water quality in distribution network. Our solutions are low power, low cost , highly efficient and customized to our customers needs.

Smart Energy

  • Energy monitoring

  • Equipment vibration

  • Power metering

  • Electrical network monitoring (transformer, transmission)

  • Gas rate detection

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Smart Wastewater

  • Sewerage pump vibration

  • Manhole overflow detection

  • Hazardous gas detection

  • Pumps and motor working status

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Smart Water

  • Pipeline leak detection

  • Water network monitoring 

  • Water reservoir level alerts

  • Water tank monitoring

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