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Smart Water & Utilities

Discover ANIAN's expertise in Smart Water. We excel in optimizing water utilities with near real-time IoT-driven solutions. Our technology ensures efficient monitoring of water distribution equipment, enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability, ultimately reducing costs while ensuring reliable water services.


Anian solutions address the challenges of water and waste water utilities whereby systems can be enhanced by IoT monitoring and reduce maintenance and operations cost for effective water management and public satisfaction enhancement.

River Level & Flood Monitoring

Areas proned to climate changes likely have occurance of heavy rainfalls. With Anian battery powered river-level and flow IoT  devices with rain measurements, flood-prone areas and rivers can be monitored remotely. Anian IoT solutions help in better risk management and disaster mitigation.

Efficient Water Management

Efficient water management helps protect and conserve water resources for future generations. Using Anian IoT solutions in water systems help remote monitoring without on-site workforce and enable quick decision-making to allocate resources and enhance system availability and public satisfaction.

Sewerage Waste water Management

Waste management is necessary for a clean and toxic-free environment, especially when it comes to water management and sewer pipes. Anian IoT solution helps to ensure sewerage systems can operate whereby problem it faced can be detected early.

Our Solutions are Low Power, Low Cost, High Efficient and Customised to Our Customer Needs.



  • Energy Monitoring

  • Equipment Vibration

  • Power Metering

  • Electrical Network Monitoring (transformer, transmission)

  • Gas Rate Detection



  • Pipeline Leak Detection

  • Water Network Monitoring

  • Water Reservoir Level Alerts

  • Water Tank Monitoring



  • Sewerage Pump Vibration

  • Manhole Overflow Detection

  • Hazardous Gas Detection

  • Pumps and Motor Working Status


Dashboard sample for Smart Water and Utilities. Website version and Mobile Application Version.

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