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New Strategic Partnership between Parcus Group and ANIAN

26 April 2022 – ANIAN and Parcus Group had entered a new strategic partnership with each other, combining the expertise of Parcus Group in providing analytics, consulting and training collaborated with ANIAN’s expertise provision and supply of IoT and telecom products, services and software solutions. Whereby both aim to work and develop the partnership together, assisting one another to reach their common goals to cater in demands for solutions to improve overall services and performances for businesses and government.

“ANIAN is very pleased to engage in this a relationship with Parcus Group who are very well known in the local Brunei telecom market. We believe that is a great fit for our local and international customers who need to increase their business performance in the rapidly changing and challenging environment. We are looking forward to our future collaboration and developing this partnership further towards common goals”.

- Nicolas Guillou, Co-Founder and CEO at ANIAN

Link to full article here

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