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Brunei and Actility deploy LoRaWAN network for smart city services

January 12, 2022 – ANIAN had been included in the news web article of Smart Energy International and Industrial News UK. Whereby ANIAN’s projects was briefly mentioned about their partnership with Actility and IoThink Solutions for deploying IoT technology solutions for smart water utilities (drainage, sewerage and river monitoring), monitoring of buildings and infrastructure of Brunei, and other possible IoT-integrated deployable solutions.

“The technical support provided by the IoThink and Actility teams made the project a success. The advantage of Actility’s solution is its scalability

- Nicolas Guillou, Co-Founder and CEO at ANIAN

ANIAN aims to enhance the existing management system with remote-monitoring and integrated network for easier access to real-time data analytics and status of the system, including detection and alarm system.

Link to full article here or here

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