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Car Park

Surface-mounted parking sensor  to detect the status (occupied or empty) of a parking space


Turbo parking sensor.png


  • The accuracy of dual-mode detection is 99%. It supported 3 different operation modes to adapt to different environment requirements: Joint mode with Radar and geomagnetic, radar only, and geomagnetic only

  • Security management, Sensor required security password to turn off the devices via BLE and Android APP

  • Long battery life 20AH, supported 5-7 years(based on 5-10 vehicles per day)

  • 10 Buffer logs supported when there is a network issue to avoid any missing data

  • In-built Temp and Humidity sensor to monitor the environment

  • 10 tonnes force resistance

  • IP67 rated

  • High-temperature operation range -40C to 85C

  • Low voltage alarm and geomagnetic disturbance alarm

  • Flexible mounting method, either bolt mount on-road or epoxy mount the based

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