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Connecting Field Workers

Field workers often get left out of digital advancements, as most tools are tailored for office environments. Surprisingly, 75% of field workers feel they lack the appropriate productivity tools necessary for their jobs.

Maintenance & Construction

Cleaning & Facilities



Hotel & Catering

Multi Button Device

"Proof of Presence"

A set of five buttons that ensures effective monitoring of staff activities, particularly in remote locations. 


  • Verifying staff presence (logging arrivals and departures)

  • Authenticating individuals using a unique five-digit code.


Badge Reader Mobile RFID

"RFID Check-in / Check-out"

A wireless RFID time clock, powered by long-lasting batteries, operates seamlessly for several years. It utilizes an independent telecommunication network, offering dual modes in LoRaWAN and Sigfox, eliminating the requirement for on-site connectivity.


  • Arrival and Departure buttons (Staff clock in and out)

  • Two extra customizable buttons are available to be utilized for:

    • Enable email and SMS alerts for service inquiries or reporting issues.

    • Incorporate features that account for breaks taken during the workday.

Hand Free Clock-in

"Without User Interaction"

A receiver is positioned within the premises, connected to an independent telecommunication network. Whenever an individual wearing a transmitter badge, similar to one on a key ring, enters or exits the site, a notification is generated.

It functions without depending on the user's GPS location, detecting presence solely when the transmitter badge is worn within the designated business area. This solution operates without the need for a smartphone or app, eliminating any concerns about tracking and preserving employees' privacy.


Digital Passage Sheet

"Digital Sign-in / out Sheet"

This solution provides users with the date and time of their last visit and can store the intervention history in the cloud for operators to review. The terminal also enables the measurement of customer satisfaction and reporting of any issues or irregularities.


  • Incorporated smart buttons enable users to report facility issues or assess service quality.

  • Tailored design choices to meet your specific needs:

    • You have the flexibility to choose the specific problems to address, or opt for a smiley survey instead.

Secured Rotating QR Code

"Forgery-proof QR Code"

This solution produces a unique code automatically at specified intervals, possibly up to once per minute, showcasing it on an exceptionally thin e-paper screen, as slim as three sheets of paper.

If a code is copied and attempted to be reused, the system will flag it as invalid.

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