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IoThink Kheiron Applications

ANIAN Platform for Digital Twin Solution

Allow customization of dashboard, widgets, alerts, etc.

Saas/Cloud Environment

Solution can be White Labeled

IoT platform for data visualization via web access or mobile application

The App is available on iOS and Android

Customisation of Real-Time Alert

Integration to your IT system via data export and API

Sample Application

Smart Water and Utilities

ANIAN Solutions address the challenges of water and waste water utilities whereby systems can be enhanced by IoT Monitoring and reduce maintenance and operations cost for effective water management and public satisfaction.

Liquid Level Ultrasonic Sensor


Smart Building (Office)

ANIAN is providing low cost but efficient IoT solutions to monitor building assets and environment allowing workers and end users to enjoy safe environment and building owners to leverage on ANIAN solution to ensure energy efficiency and asset security.

Air Quality

3-Phase Current Meter

Water Leak Detector

Smart Security / Asset Tracking

ANIAN provides cost-efficient IoT Solutions that address the challenges of people & asset management and security whereby monitoring of animals, vehicles, objects and persons can be enhanced by seamless indoor and outdoor positioning offering better visibility for safer and more efficient business operations.

Personal & Asset Tracker

Smart Agriculture

ANIAN addreses cost-efficient IoT Solutions that can cater to the agricultural needs where monitoring of the quality of the soil, record of rainfall, as well as irrigation control to help equipt farmers and better track the quality control and management of the supply chain.

Soil Moisture

Temprature & Humidity Sensor

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